Comments about Curaçao Ispo 2000 (Report Ispo congress: in John Michael's Corner: April 2000)
The desert island of Curaçao, located just off the coast of Venezuala, was the site for the second international congress hosted by the Latin American ISPO societies. Excellent simultaneous translations made it possible to freely exchange information and ideas with colleagues from this region despite my own monolingual limitations, although the concentration required to follow rapid-fire translation makes such meetings somewhat fatiguing. Based on the format from the excellent Pacific Rim meetings, the scientific sessions ran from 8AM to 1PM each day, leaving the afternoon and evenings free to learn more about the local more...

This is a letter of endorsement of Sentro Orto Fisiko Kòrsou and the owner of the patient care practice, Mr. Thomas B. J. de Windt.  Mr. De Windt and his company provide prosthetic (artificial limbs), orthotic (orthopedic braces), physical therapy, and other rehabilitation services on the Dutch Caribbean island of more...

Letter of Endorsement of OTTO BOCK HEALTH CARE
First, I would like to acknowledge the kind hospitality and friendly attitude for us during our First Latin America Planning Meeting celebrated last September 13, 14, and 15. It was a pleasure to meet you there.

Second, I have to thank you for your excellent presentation about the 01 business in the Caribbean and how Sentro Orto Fisiko Kòrsou fits into it. I was very impressed to discover a different kind of practitioner, not common in the whole region. Your professionalism and practice approach and ethics are certainly a standard that must be advertised as a role model and benchmark to other more...

Ossur Prosthetics Program Certificate
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NEUHOF Ortho-Reha Reference Letter
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